Residential Landscape Design

I provide full scale landscape design services for any size yard or area. This will include a planting plan with plant schedule.

The Design Process

  • Initial Site Visit – An on site meeting to go over your desires for your new landscape.  During this meeting I will take measurements and analyze the site. 
  • Conceptual Plan – For this step it’s time for me to put my ideas on paper. I will put my measurements and site data into a CAD file and get the conceptual plan started. If you have hardscape that needs designing as well as softscape, I will begin with the hardscape features first. 
  • Revisions – Once we have discussed the conceptual plan, either on-site or remotely, I will begin any revisions that need making.  
  • Final Plan – I will finalize the plan based on our discussions. I will send you a scaled planting plan via email that can be used to install your new or revitalized landscape. 

  Once I know the scope of the project, I will be able to let you know a budget for my time. Due to heavy workload demands, I am requiring an 8 hour minimum for design at this time.  

Commercial Landscape Design

I will provide full scale design services for your business or office.

Landscape Installation Support

I am happy to aid in the layout of the landscape design along with the landscape contractor or homeowner during the installation process.  I encourage using me for this step if the landscape is complicated by many different plant species or intricate patterns.  I take pride in the end result.  Oftentimes it may only take a few hours of my time.